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North Houston Cancer Clinics

We have two office locations, one in The Woodlands, TX and one in Huntsville, TX.

Infusion Room

We have an infusion room at each of our Two offices so you can choose the location most convenient for you.

Each infusion room offers adult chemotherapy patients a comfortable and convenient place to receive treatment. You can watch flat-screen televisions or use our DVD player. We pride ourselves on creating a tranquil, beautiful, and expansive space. You will enjoy a view of our ponds and patio area, with large windows and direct view to our nature kept area.

Specially trained in oncology, our nurses will treat you with compassion and understanding. They rotate between each of our three facilities to ensure consistent and attentive care.

Treatments may vary in complexity from a single injection to six-hour treatments. Please remember to arrange for transportation to and from your appointment.

Infusion Room Guidelines

We realize that this is a very difficult time for you and your family. Our mission is to provide you with compassionate, supportive care along with outstanding oncology expertise. The following guidelines will help make your experience at our infusion room as pleasant as possible.

  1. We recommend arriving 15 minutes before your chemotherapy appointment. This allows time for any required blood tests or paperwork. Please be patient when you arrive. Often, we are waiting for your lab results or orders to be written. This takes time and is designed for your safety as we ensure individual labs and chemotherapy orders are reviewed before each treatment.
  2. The length of your infusion will depend on the drugs you are receiving and your reaction to them. We try our best to give you an accurate length of your infusion time in advance, but please understand there may be variables that can change this estimate.
  3. Wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing and shoes to your treatment. Sweats or elastic waist pants work well. You may also wish to dress in layers in case you become too warm or cool.
  4. Out of respect for your fellow patients, please refrain from wearing any fragrances.
  5. If you bring a cell phone, please set the ringer to vibrate so it doesn’t disturb anyone.
  6. Avoid overexerting yourself the day before (and evening of) your treatment.
  7. We do not recommend arriving with an empty stomach, so please eat a meal before your infusion. Being hungry can make you feel worse during the infusion. It's best to avoid spicy, fatty, fried, or heavy foods. If you feel nauseated, take your antiemetics before eating. If you have a long infusion (three hours or more), it’s a good idea to bring food with you. Our only request is that the food you bring doesn’t have a strong odor, which can disturb other patients. You can bring your meal in a small ice chest, but we are unable to heat your meal. We provide complimentary snacks, drinks, water and coffee.
  8. Drink as much fluid as possible prior to receiving chemotherapy. We suggest drinking eight to ten 8-oz. glasses of liquid each day starting three days prior to your scheduled treatment. In addition to water, liquids may include juices, soups, Jell-O, popsicles, or ice chips, for example. Please continue to take these fluids for at least three days following your treatment.
  9. If you take pain medication or use oxygen on a regular basis, please bring these items with you to your infusion.
  10. You can use our bathroom facilities while you’re attached to your IV. You will be able to move around the room with your IV pole.
  11. Pass the time with an activity you enjoy, such as reading, listening to music or audiobooks, playing hand-held games, knitting, or watching a show or movie on our television sets.
  12. You may wish to have a family member or friend accompany you. They can stay to offer support, or come and go as desired. If there are many patients in the room, however, we may need to limit the number of visitors to two at a time. Please be aware that if you would like us to be able to speak to a family member or friend about you, the HIPPA privacy law requires you to give us written permission to do so. Children under age 14 are not permitted to accompany patients.
  13. If you would like to learn more about your specific infusion, just ask the chemotherapy nurses to bring you written details.
  14. Finally, remember to take any scheduled medications after your treatment.
  15. If you have any questions about your treatment, side effects, or other concerns, please contact our nursing staff either in person during your infusion or by calling our office. Feel free to call us at 936-439-5213 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday

Our friendly staff will be happy to answer questions you have regarding scheduling. Call for an appointment.

North Houston Cancer Clinics                                                        North Houston Cancer Clinics
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