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Naturopathic Support in Cancer Clinics of North Houston

In North Houston Cancer Clinics, we emphasize holistic care for cancer patients. Complementary therapies, such as naturopathy, are used to boost general health and stimulate the recovery process.

How Naturopathic Support Combats Cance

Cancer Fought by Behavioural Health

Behavioral health, therefore, plays a vital role in fighting against cancer by addressing both psychological & physiological aspects of this disease. Research has shown that psychological factors like stress, depression, or social isolation may affect the progressiveness of cancer as well as its response toward treatment.

Our Support

Naturopathic Practitioners Working :

The team at NHCC believes that combining conventional cancer care with natural therapies can lead to better results for our patients. We offer these services at North Houston Cancer Clinics for a good reason.

Naturopathic Support for Cancer Patients

North Houston Cancer Clinics has a comprehensive care program known as Naturopathic Support for the holistic management of cancer patients.

Frequently Asked Question

In addition, naturopathy entails using natural remedies such as herbs and balanced diets, among many others, that enhance general wellness and integrate into conventional cancer treatment by dealing with sources of the condition and strengthening these indigenous healing powers.
What are some examples of naturopathic treatments?
This will be safe only if delegated to trained specialists who comprehend the unique needs and limitations surrounding individuals with malignancies. NHCC usually considers this aspect by tailoring any relevant intervention to the patient’s circumstances while incorporating it into the overall management approach.
Yes, we work alongside conventional cancer treatments. Because its combination enhances its efficacy when used with chemotherapy drugs’ administration or surgical procedures, thereby reducing connected adverse reactions for better outcomes. cancer journey?