North Houston Cancer Clinics

DR. Elham Abbasi, MD

Professional Education 

Hematology/Oncology Fellowship – Baylor College of Medicine and University of Texas Manderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX 

Chief Resident – Brooklyn Hospital Center, affiliate of Cornell University, Brooklyn, NY 

Internship and residency in Internal Medicine – Brooklyn Hospital center, affiliate of Cornell University, Brooklyn, NY

Medical Doctorate – Hormozghan University, Iran


Board certified – Medical Oncology 

Board Certified – Hematology 

Board Certified – Internal Medicine

Honors and Memberships 

American Society of Clinical Oncology

American Society of Hematology

Texas Medical Association

Resident of the Month for Best Patient Care

Young Investigators Research forum 


Doctor Abbasi cares for her patients like family with availability 24 hours a day, seven days a week. She believes in utilizing a multidisciplinary approach by discussing cases in tumor boards to determine the best treatment option. It is essential to educate the patient on their disease and treatment plan which will enable them to be an active participant in determining their treatment course. 

Meet Isabel Cardona
Our Exceptional Oncology Nurse

At North Houston Cancer Clinics, we are privileged to have Isabel as an invaluable member of our oncology team. Isabel embodies the qualities of compassion, expertise, and unwavering dedication in her role as an oncology nurse.

Compassionate Care Champion
Isabel stands out for her exceptional commitment to patient care. Her dedication to ensuring that each patient is well-informed about their treatment plan showcases her commitment to empowering patients with knowledge. She takes the time to attentively listen to their concerns, addressing every issue comprehensively and with utmost care.

Thorough and Reliable
Her dedication to providing comprehensive care knows no bounds. Isabel is known for her thoroughness, ensuring that no detail is overlooked and all tasks are completed to perfection. Her unwavering reliability means that she stays committed until she’s confident that all patient needs are met, demonstrating an extraordinary level of dedication.

Effective Communication and Team Collaboration
Isabel excels in fostering clear communication and collaboration among the medical team. Her ability to communicate effectively with both patients and fellow healthcare providers ensures that everyone is aligned and informed. This collaboration ensures a seamless experience for patients and enhances the overall quality of care.

Continuous Learning and Adaptability
In the ever-evolving field of oncology, Isabel show cases a remarkable eagerness to learn and grow. Her dedication to staying updated with the latest advancements in oncology reflects her commitment to providing the best possible care to our patients. Her proactive approach to ongoing education contributes significantly to our team’s expertise in handling new developments in cancer treatment.

Isabel exemplifies the core values of North Houston Cancer Clinics through her unwavering dedication to compassionate care, thoroughness, and continuous improvement.

Mrs. Robbie Wilson,
Our Exceptional Office Administrative Staff

At North Houston Cancer Clinics, we are incredibly fortunate to have Robbie as an integral part of our team. Robbie epitomizes dedication, compassion, and professionalism in her role as an office administrator.

Patient-Centric Care Advocate

Robbie plays a pivotal role in ensuring that our patients receive the utmost care and support. From meticulously checking patient insurance and determining their benefits to securing authorizations for vital treatments like chemotherapy, she navigates the complexities of healthcare with efficiency and precision. Her commitment to handling patient referrals showcases her exceptional dedication to our patients’ well-being.

Reliability Personified

What sets Robbie apart is her unwavering reliability. Regardless of the time of day, she goes above and beyond, promptly returning calls and addressing concerns. Her commitment to our patients’ needs is unparalleled, ensuring that no query or request goes unanswered.

A Warm Smile and Ethical Excellence

Even during challenging times, Robbie radiates positivity. Her warm smile and genuine greetings create a welcoming environment for everyone she encounters. Despite any personal challenges or discomfort, her work ethic remains impeccable, reflecting her remarkable commitment to her responsibilities and the people she serves.

Testament to Excellence

The consistent praise and compliments we receive about our staff, particularly Robbie, speak volumes about her exceptional service. Patients specifically request her assistance, highlighting the significant impact she has on their experience at our facility.

Robbie embodies the core values of North Houston Cancer Clinics, representing our commitment to patient-centered care, professionalism, and unwavering support.

We are immensely proud to have Robbie as an invaluable member of our team, ensuring that every individual who walks through our doors receives the highest standard of care and attention.