North Houston Cancer Clinics

Schedule An Appointment


Please Follow the Instructions below

1. Click on “Schedule An Appointment” below

2. Select your provider 

3. Select your location 

4. Select day and time available on schedule 

5. Input your phone number

6. Select “Yes” if you are participating in a clinical trial and “No” for any other type of visit

7.If you select clinical trial, fill out the questions that pop up and press submit. Note that this is not the end, you need to continue to next page for registration

8. Create a NovelHealth account. For clinical trials select clinical trials as the reason for visit and make sure you read the forms and check both boxes of acknowledge and acceptance. Note that this username and password is different than your CureMD patient portal login information. Novel health will be used only for making appointments.   

9. You will receive a confirmation from North Houston Cancer Clinics once your appointment has been approved to see the Doctor.

10. TeleVisit: Virtual appointments are only available for routine office visits and cannot be used for emergency medical care. If you are interested in utilizing a virtual appointment for your upcoming routine office visit, please let a member of your care team know.