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Diagnostic imaging

Early Detection at North Houston Cancer Clinics is an essential step performed by our experts for improved results of cancer treatments. If your cancer is detected early there will be a better chance of recovery for you.

Patients should provide complete details

Early Detection at North Houston Cancer Clinics is an essential step performed by our experts for improved results of cancer treatments. If your cancer is detected early there will be a better chance of recovery for you. Patients should provide complete details of their health situation including signs and symptoms and other factors that they are experiencing. We have all advanced diagnosing imaging techniques available for cancer detection and treatment.

Different Diagnostic Imaging Techniques

The following are some commonly practiced diagnosing imaging techniques at North Houston Cancer Clinics. Some of them are discussed for your better understanding.
In a CT scan, the doctor uses X-rays to generate intricate images of sections throughout the body. Provides high-resolution photos of inner organs, bones, and tissues.Assists in precise detection and localization of tumors for therapy planning. – Cross-sectional images inside the body are obtained through X-rays using a Computed Tomography (CT) scan.
– It is an imaging technique that uses low-dosage radiation to produce high-resolution pictures of internal organs, bones as well as tissues.
– CT scans are also useful in determining if a tumor is present or not, the stage of cancer spread, and how best to treat it
– The exam is quick and painless with immediate availability of images for interpretation by our expert radiologist

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

This works by strong magnetic fields alongside radio waves that produce detailed pictures. Preferred for soft tissue imaging such as brain, spinal cord, and muscles.Excellent contrast resolution that enhances visualization of tumors and surrounding tissues.
– This modality uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to create detailed images of the body.

– Unlike CT Scans, this modality does not employ ionizing radiation which makes it safe for some patients who can not withstand these harmful rays like children, or pregnant women

– Besides, MRI provides excellent contrast resolution that allows better visualization of tumors, soft tissue, and organs in the body.

– It may be used specifically for examining the brain, spinal cord, and musculoskeletal system among others


This technique is designed specifically for breast imaging using low-dose x-ray radiation which detects abnormalities like tumors or microcalcifications. Important early detection tool because it has a high sensitivity for small lesions

– Mammography is a specialized X-ray imaging technique designed specifically for breast examination.

– It is vital in the early discovery of breast cancer to obtain pictures of breasts with greater clarity.

– Digital mammography, also referred to as it, provides improved image display and better detection of anomalies.

– The screening mammogram is directed to women who have turned 40 years of age and above to assist in detecting tumors before they become palpable.

– Diagnostic mammograms allow for further evaluation of abnormal findings where additional views or magnification may be necessary

– With our sophisticated mammary scanning technology at North Houston Cancer Clinics, we offer comprehensive imaging of the breasts thus facilitating early discovery hence intervention for patients with breast cancer.

Bone Scan

A radioactive tracer is injected into the bloodstream to highlight areas where there may be bone abnormalitiesDetect bone metastases and assess the extent cancer spreads.

Positron Emission Tomography- Computed Tomography (PET/CT)

Staging cancers effectively, monitoring response rate towards treatment, detecting recurrent disease

-This examination is very applicable in staging cancers, monitoring their treatments as well as identifying recurring diseases.

-PET/CT scans visualize tumors throughout the body such that they help guide effective treatment aimed at complete tumor elimination from the body’s entire system.

-With our advanced PET/CT technology at North Houston Cancer Clinics we provide accurate diagnoses of cancer cases besides coming up with personalized treatment plans depending on every patient’s needs.


Sound waves are used to produce real-time pictures of body organs or tissues. It is particularly useful in guiding biopsies as well as assessing blood flow to tumors.

At this clinic, we carry out ultrasound tests such as sonograms using sound waves which are then transformed into pictures of internal parts of the human body. Additionally, it enables visualizing soft tissues, organs as well as blood flow within cancers.


– At NHCC we have modern ultrasound machines that facilitate the generation of accurate images.

– Our expert US technologists and radiologists team up to ensure accurate diagnosis hence guiding treatment decisions resulting in improved patient outcomes. 


Quickly captures images of bones and certain soft tissues without any invasiveness. Usually used in preliminary assessments as well as follow-up treatment evaluations.

-The highly experienced radiologists we have use X-rays alongside other imaging modalities to develop comprehensive treatment plans personalized around each patient’s needs. 

-We strive to maintain an innovative approach towards our diagnosis as well as cutting-edge technologies in order to give our patients a comprehensive care package.

-With our modern X-ray equipment at North Houston Cancer Clinics, we can perform more precise diagnostics along with treatment planning based on these data. For patients suspected of cancer, bone X-rays are fast and convenient, providing an initial diagnosis.

Expert Available at North Houston Cancer Clinics

Our team of specialists at North Houston Cancer Clinics uses these advanced diagnostic imaging techniques to catch cancer early, guiding appropriate therapies and improving patient results. Call us today for your consultation with our oncologists and let’s start your journey towards a healthier future.
North Houston Cancer Clinics has improved bone scan technology which provides accurate results quickly for our patients. Our experienced team of radiologists gives precise interpretations to help ensure that patients get appropriate individualized therapies.