North Houston Cancer Clinics

Portal and Registration


Please Follow the Instructions below

1. Click on “Portal and Registration” below. 

2. Press “continue to portal” 

3. The first page is your portal home, on the top of the page select “register now” 

4. The first page on registration is your demographic information. Please fill out all mandatory fields marked with an asterisk* as well as language, race, and ethnicity. At the bottom, please make sure to choose either Huntsville or The Woodlands as your primary preferred location. Please make sure to write your username and password down for future use. 

5. Click next and the second page will ask for your insurance information. Please be sure to include your primary and secondary insurance if applicable. 

6. The next page is the Insurance Acceptance Agreement, please read and sign. 

7. The following sections are optional and consist of medical history, social history, surgical history, family history, and allergies. Please fill out if you are able to, but if you are not you can press “next” at the bottom of the page to skip. 

8. The last page is an acknowledgement of our privacy practices which is also called “HIPPA.” Please read and sign it. 

9. Press “Finish” at the bottom of the last page and it will create your chart. From now on you will be able to log into the portal without creating a new one. 

10. Please go to “log in” and sign in with the username and password that you created. 

11. You can view your portal from there, and if applicable upload your personal medical records and a copy of your insurance and ID card by clicking “messages” then “compose” then attaching the file and sending it to “Gabrielle Guerra.” 

12. The link to log in is below or click on “Register as a New Patient” :