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Cancer Supportive Care Therapies

Cancer supportive care services improve patient’s overall treatment experience and outcomes. In this regard, we acknowledge the need to combine conventional medical treatments with complementary therapies at North Houston Cancer Clinics to cater to diverse issues concerning our patients. Here, the focus is on treating the entire person using approaches such as acupuncture, massage, meditation, or yoga in addition to other conventional methods.
The ultimate goal is alleviating symptoms and promoting wellness and resilience in totality. By embracing integrative care, our patients become partners in their healing journey, leading them towards health optimization and abundant living even after cancer treatment.

Why NHCancerClinics For Supportive Care

North Houston Cancer Clinics is committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care beyond traditional treatments so patients can thrive during and after cancer treatment. 

Emotional Support: Mental and emotional well-being may be affected by cancer diagnosis. For instance, these services may include counseling, support groups, or other tools to help patients recover from the emotional sense of being diagnosed with cancer.

Coordination of Care: The ability to navigate the cancer treatment process can be daunting. Our supportive care team helps patients schedule medical appointments, connects them with local resources within the community, and liaises with other health providers, thus ensuring seamless care.

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Common Cancer Supportive Care Services

In addition to our supportive care services, we offer specialized support in behavioral health and nutritional guidance:

Behavioral Health Services: Behavioral health experts counsel people diagnosed with cancer to enable them to deal with anxiety, stress, depression, or any other emotional challenges that they may encounter during this period. There are individual and group sessions, besides relaxation techniques and coping strategies, to promote mental wellness.

Nutritional Support: Proper nutrition is critical to cancer treatment and recovery. Our clinical dietitians collaborate with patients to shape unique dietary plans that meet their specific nutritional requirements and medical goals through nutrition. We counsel on healthy eating habits, meal planning, and food supplements to maximize patients’ overall health and improve their response to therapy.

All Cancer Supportive Care Services
We Provide

Pain Management:

For bettering the quality of life for those living with cancer, effective pain management is a must. At North Houston Cancer Clinics, we provide comprehensive pain management services customized for each patient’s needs.
Our approach encompasses medication management and complementary therapies such as acupuncture, massage, and physiotherapy to reduce pain and increase comfort. We ensure open dialogue with patients about their feelings to avoid distracting their attention from treatment procedures or jeopardizing their general well-being.

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Spiritual Support:

Cancer indeed affects the spiritual aspect of one’s life and family members; hence, expert oncologists should address it. Our spiritual support services offer a way for patients to heal themselves spiritually by engaging in reflections, meditations, and prayers according to people’s faiths or beliefs.
They help them approach spirituality through counseling sessions. At the same time, support groups assist them in finding meaning during this trying moment of their lives by sharing experiences that help them discover the strength within themselves. In turning towards the inner self, we hope that serenity will descend upon our clients’ lives.

Naturopathic Support:

In addition to traditional medicine treatments, we also offer naturopathic support, which emphasizes harnessing the body’s healing powers. Our naturopaths’ primary goal is. Therefore, herbal remedies can be attained and supplemented by dietary changes, certain foods, and other lifestyle adjustments to provide complete wellness.
Combining conventional therapies with natural remedies is essential to reach maximum success in patient treatment and life improvement.

Nutritional Support:

Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in the fight against cancer, helping boost the body’s immune system and improving treatment outcomes. We work closely with registered dietitians who develop personalized nutrition plans to meet patients’ unique dietary needs and therapeutic goals.
Consequently, we educate them on healthy eating, diets, and supplements that provide essential nutrients for supporting strength, vitality, and stamina throughout this period.
At North Houston Cancer Clinics, we are committed to providing comprehensive supportive care services that address our patients’ physical, emotional, spiritual, and nutritional needs, thereby comforting them with dignity throughout their cancer journey.

Oncology rehabilitation

Oncology rehabilitation is an integral part of supportive care services that ensure the recovery of function and quality of life in cancer patients. Among other things, oncology rehabilitation seeks to mobilize the strength lost during such periods through personalized exercise programs (physical therapy) and occupational therapy (helping a person regain independence).
This comprehensive approach addresses both physical problems after surgery or chemotherapy/radiotherapy and functional impairments while also considering psychological issues associated with survivorship. Thus, it allows patients to find ways around physical obstacles to achieve optimal body functionality, enhancing overall well-being and leading to long-term recovery.

Frequently Ask Questions

In the cancer care journey, supportive care means providing mental, physiological, and spiritual support to patients and their families. It includes therapies like counseling and giving tips regarding nutrition and pain management.

Supportive care in cancer includes an approach according to the patient’s preference. It can be completely personalized.

For cancer patients, supportive care is necessary as it provides a strong emotional response to the patient, which helps in better recovery and treatment.