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Radiation Therapy

At NHCancer Clinics, we understand the landscape of cancer treatment, and one of the new modalities we specialize in is Radiation Therapy. For cancers, which often defy solution, radiation therapy becomes a beacon of hope, offering accurate and effective treatments. It uses high-energy waves and radiation to kill and target cancer cells by directly disrupting their DNA or generating free radicals that damage their DNA. This directed approach helps conserve normal tissues around it, thereby reducing the dangerous side effects while maximizing results.

Cancer Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy is a more common method used, sometimes solely or sometimes in combination with chemotherapy or other therapies, to provide the best results to patients. It depends upon the type of cancer and the patient’s stage of cancer. We have experienced staff to take care of your patients. We have the best plan for every patient, ensuring quality care with the highest efficacy levels.

Targeted therapies focus on specific molecular targets that drive tumor growth and progression. These targets include proteins, receptors, or genetic mutations that are unique to cancer cells or are overexpressed in them. Targeted therapy interferes with these targets, disrupting key pathways required for cancer cell survival, proliferation, and metastasis.

Narrowing down to these specific characteristics of a cancer-targeting nature ensures a strong impact on target cancer cells with less damage to normal ones, thus reducing side effects. In addition, this precision enables combination therapies, where targeted agents can be given along with other drugs to increase effectiveness. Furthermore, there is a growing possibility for targeted therapy being prospective against drug resistance due to the development of new targets and combination strategies.

At NH Cancer Clinics, we use targeted therapy’s precision as an opportunity for individualized treatment plans according to unique molecular profiles for each patient’s cancer. We aim to be at the forefront of research and innovation so that our patients may receive only evidence-based, most efficient personalized medicine, empowering them against the cancer fight.

Lighting up the Way With Our Cancer Treatment

Radiation therapy is one of the newest treatments for cancer at NHCancer Clinics. Using precision and efficiency, it targets tumors, enabling patients to fight against various cancers. This modality can damage cancer cells’ DNA through high-energy radiation, thus preventing their growth and spread. In contrast, during radiation therapy, only cancerous tissue gets damaged while healthy cells are left unharmed, unlike traditional chemotherapy, which affects normal cells, too.

Working of Radiation Therapy

We at North Houston Cancer Clinics have many different radiation therapy methods suitable for every patient’s needs. There is a type of radiation therapy called external beam radiation, which works from outside the body and targets the area of cancer cells. Brachytherapy is a process that uses radioactive materials as a source to destroy the tumor cells that surround the healthy cells.

On the other hand, brachytherapy involves placing radioactive sources directly in or near a tumor, allowing a higher dose of radiation to be directed at the tumor and lower doses to surrounding health tissues. Our experienced team of oncologists and experts works together closely to design individualized treatment plans that improve outcomes while reducing side effects.

Targeted therapies are innovative approaches to cancer that try to block particular molecular targets essential for the survival and proliferation of malignant cells. Unlike traditional chemotherapy, which kills rapidly dividing cells indiscriminately, targeted therapies specifically target tumor cells without affecting healthy ones, resulting in fewer side effects.

NH Cancer Clinics watches over and manages side effects during targeted therapies to ensure better patient outcomes and quality of life. In our strive for patient-centered care, we aim to empower patients towards their healing journey using the latest technological advances in cancer treatment through which hope and healing are extended.

Frequently Asked Question

Targeted therapy is a more precise form of treating cancers compared with chemotherapy, which kills all quickly dividing cells irrespective of whether they are healthy or otherwise but focuses on molecular abnormalities or pathways that trigger cancerous growth.
Several cancers, like breast cancer, colon cancer, and rectal cancer, show great results when treated with this therapy.
Although less severe than other therapies, there may still be unwanted reactions caused by targeted therapy. Most commonly involve generalized fatigue along with rashes now and then, diarrhea, nausea/ vomiting, changes in blood pressure, or even liver function.
Radiation therapy is a process in which doctors can administer drugs orally by giving capsules and pills or sometimes intravenously. The duration and number of times a drug is administered depend upon the patient’s health and condition.
Molecular testing is also called biomarker or genetic testing. It determines whether a particular patient is suitable for targeted medicine. Molecular testing is conducted after obtaining either tumor tissue or blood samples from the patient to observe gene mutations, protein overexpression levels, and other molecular abnormalities that will require specific drugs to treat.