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At North Houston Cancer Clinics, we transform the lives of our patients by discovering the best lung cancer diagnosis and understanding complex lung cancer treatments. We understand the needs of our patients, and that's why we offer comprehensive care with highly advanced technology for you all. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with our expert doctors and oncologists to better understand lung cancer and its treatment.

What Is Lung Cancer ?

Lung cancer is a specific type of cancer that grows in the inner lining of the lungs and can spread from one lung to another. Lungs are soft and sponge-like structures located between the chest. It helps in breathing and respiration. People who smoke are at very high risk of lung cancer. Lung cancer is a condition in which normal cells in the lung start growing abnormally. A lung cancer diagnosis can also occur in those people who never smoked in their entire life. Different patients may show other symptoms of this condition, as no visible signs are detected in the early stage. Lung cancer screening can be done to detect cancer cells in patients who are not showing any visible symptoms but are at high risk of developing the disease.

Lung Cancer Treatments & Diagnostics

Lung cancer treatment depends upon the stage of cancer as well as the health condition of the patient. One of the most successful options for lung cancer treatment is surgery. Following are some more treatments available.

Surgery involves removing a part from your lung that is cancerous, or sometimes healthy tissue is also removed along with it. Here are some other surgery options, which include 

  1. Lobectomy involves removing the complete lobe of one lung
  2. Pneumonectomy means removing an entire lung
  3. Segmental Resection involves removing a larger area of the lung but not the complete lobe and complete lung
  4. Wedge Resection involves removing a minor part from your lung that is affected with a minor healthy tissue .

 Radiation Therapy
This technique used highly powered energy beans from protons and x-rays to kill cancer cells. This is a suitable method for advanced lung cancer.

Chemotherapy involves drugs and combinations of drugs to kill cancer cells in your lungs. It can be given intravenously or through an oral route. It can be given before or after surgery to make the process more flexible.

This is a process that involves your immune system. It will use your body’s system to fight lung cancer. Immunotherapy is mainly for advanced lung cancer patients.

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How to Prevent Lung Cancer ?

Following are some ways to prevent lung cancer.

Stop Smoking
Quitting Smoking is the best way to prevent yourself from lung cancer. It will improve your health and benefit you and your well-being, as Smoking is the primary cause of lung cancer.

Avoid Passive Smoking
Passive Smoking has been linked directly with lung cancer. Avoid going to those places where Smoking is allowed. It will reduce the chance of getting lung cancer through passive Smoking.

Eat Healthy Diet
Your healthy lifestyle and diet should include fruits, vegetables, and minerals. Research shows that a healthy and nutritious diet will help enhance the power of your immune system and help your body fight cancerous cells.

Physical Health
If you are making your body physically active by playing games and doing exercise daily, it will prevent your body from getting targeted.

 Avoid Toxic Materials and Carcinogens
Take preventive measures to protect your lungs from the toxins and hazardous chemicals at different places. Wear a facemask and protect your lungs and body from those areas and people where smoke is present.

Common Symptoms Of Lung Cancer

Lung cancer diagnosis mainly depends upon the signs and symptoms shown by patients. In the early stages of lung cancer, there are not any visible symptoms, but the patient will feel chest pain, cough, hoarseness in sound, body pain, shortness of breath, and sometimes blood in the cough. These are some common signs and symptoms of lung cancer that some patients might experience in their cancer journey.
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Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Lung Cancer diagnosis includes a variety of test procedures to detect the cancerous cells and determine the extent to which they are spreading. These may include:

  1. Imaging Tests

Imaging scans include x-rays or CT scans of your lungs to examine the abnormal tumor or mass if present. Sometimes, X-rays cannot detect tumors, but a CT scan reveals them.

  1. Sputum Test

It entails examining sputum or cough samples under a microscope to detect the presence of lung cancer cells.

  1. Biopsy

A biopsy is a procedure used for lung cancer diagnosis. It involves taking a sample of your affected lung tissue.

At North Houston Cancer Clinics, these tests are performed by our expert technicians with accuracy to provide effective results.

Frequently Asked Question

Many factors cause lung cancer, including tobacco smoking, as Smoking is considered to be the first risk factor for lung cancer. Sometimes, genetics also plays a role in causing lung cancer and tumors.
Lung cancer starts from the lining of the bronchi and the parts of the lungs. It also spreads into the bronchioles, alveoli, and pleura, which surround the lungs.
A healthy diet, lifestyle, activities, and exercise are vital in surviving lung cancer. You can deal with your lung cancer if you are playing, eating a healthy diet, and having good physical health.
According to the research, it is reported that stress can cause a decrease in the process of killing cancer and diseased cells. This process is called anoikis.

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