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Melanoma Cancer

At North Houston Cancer Clinics, Our patients can fight Melanoma with the best available melanoma diagnosis and treatment. Our professionals understand the importance of accurate diagnosis and personalized melanoma treatment. Our medical team utilizes precise, highly diagnostic procedures for the early detection and diagnosis of melanoma cancer, which in turn helps in effective melanoma treatments. We are your trusted partner in this fight against Melanoma. Contact us and book your consultation for your melanoma cancer journey.

What is Melanoma Cancer ?

Melanoma is a severe skin cancer type that starts to grow on the skin mainly because of exposure to the sun. It starts growing in the cells of melanocytes. It affects the body’s skin, including arms, hands, face, legs, and back.
Typically, it also affects the eye. It can also affect other body organs, including the nose, eyes, and throat. It is a severe kind of skin cancer that can be prevented by avoiding the common risk factors, like extensive exposure to Ultraviolet lights and other high-power waves. It also appears in people under 45 and, most commonly, in women. People can diagnose Melanoma if they experience the common signs and symptoms before it spreads. Melanoma treatment is possible if early detection occurs.

Melanoma Cancer Treatments & Diagnostics

The treatment of Melanoma may include radiation therapy with medications and surgery. It depends on the cancer and its stage, as well as the health situation of patients.
In radiation therapy, patients receive high-energy waves from different sources to specific points on their bodies. It is used to treat Melanoma and its cells wherever it spreads. During the treatment process, you have to lie on a table, and the machine will move around you and direct radiation toward your body. It will help you get relief from the symptoms of Melanoma.
Immunotherapy is a process to treat Melanoma by using the body’s immune system. In immunotherapy, immune active agents are provided to the patients, killing the cancerous cells in the body. It can be used after surgery if Melanoma is not entirely removed. Immunotherapy is a treatment that always helps the immune system fight and kill the tumor cells.
Surgery is the most successful treatment option in the case of Melanoma. Sometimes, only a biopsy is enough to remove the Melanoma if it is in the form of a very minute, thin layer. Otherwise, a complete procedure of surgery must be performed by a surgeon to remove the cancer, and sometimes, some healthy tissues may also get terminated.
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Causes of Melanoma Cancer

Common causes of Melanoma include exposure to UV radiations and waves. This is one of the most common causes of skin cancer in patients. Too much Ultraviolet radiation causes severe damage to the skin’s structure, permanently changing the cell constitution and causing cancer cells to grow. This will cause the normal cells of your skin to grow abnormally and uncontrollably. Every time your skin experiences exposure to these rays, it will increase your chances of developing Melanoma. All types of skin are equally at risk for this skin cancer.

Melanoma Cancer Diagnosis

Melanoma Diagnosis depends upon the patient’s physical examination and after taking the patient’s medical history. If you have a mole or anything suspicious on your skiing, your doctor will consider this during your diagnosis. Melanoma diagnosis can be done by performing these tests.
Professional oncologists must conduct visual or physical examinations to identify signs and symptoms of Melanoma.

In the case of Melanoma, some standard imaging scans have been performed for melanoma diagnosis. MRI, CT scan, and ultrasound are the standard diagnostic scans used to detect the presence of cancer cells.

A biopsy must be performed to detect the cancer if any mole or tissue growth appears. A sample will be taken for further microscopic examination.

After Melanoma diagnosis, the patient sometimes feels lymph nodes in the surrounding tissues. Sometimes, Melanoma can spread to the surrounding areas of your body. Your doctor must check these lymph nodes for further examination.

At North Houston Cancer Clinics, our experts support and guide everyone as patients will feel confused after the diagnostic procedures, which is entirely normal. This diagnosis affects every patient entirely differently.

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Can Melanoma be prevented ?

Melanoma can be prevented by protecting your body from excess exposure to sunlight and UV rays. Following are some preventive measures to practice:
Early detection of Melanoma is essential for better treatment. Everyone must practice these to avoid risks associated with this cancer.

Frequently Asked Question

It would help if you protected yourself from ultraviolet rays and sunscreen to prevent Melanoma. You can control it by wearing sunglasses or wearing sunblock. Avoid going outside in the peak hours of sunlight, and try to wear protective clothes.
It depends upon many factors, including the cancer stage, size and severity of the tumor, and the extent to which it spreads. Patients’ physical and general health is also a factor to be considered for melanoma prognosis. Early detection will help in better treatment of Melanoma.
Melanoma can spread very quickly and becomes a serious threat to cancer patients. If it gets ignored or the patients do not go to the doctor, it will start growing abruptly with every exposure to UV radiation. It can become life-threatening with time.
Melanoma can appear daily without any significant warning signs or symptoms. It can be found on your normal skin, neck, face, or hands.

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